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Serving Niagara at our 6 convenient locations, we utilize GreenEarth Cleaning - the non-toxic and non-hazardous dry cleaning process. GreenEarth is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand. We care about you, your family, Niagara and our planet.

We offer several services to keep your clothing looking great - and lasting longer!


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Our process is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Liquid silicone is essentially liquified sand. The same natural sand the earth has been creating for over six billion years. When released to the environment, silicone safely breaks down into the three natural elements it is made from: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide. So GreenEarth is safe for the air, water and soil. GreenEarth is safe for people too. If you wanted to, you could safely rub it on your skin. In fact you probably already do. Liquid silicone is the base ingredient in many everyday shampoos, conditioners and lotions.

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