About Yazz Cleaners and Quick Stitch

Family Owned

In 1987, Anthony Mulé and his family purchased an existing drycleaning business and moved from Toronto with their small children.

Anthony brought 10 years of experience in Dry Cleaning and customer service with them to build a chain of stores throughout the Niagara peninsula. They called it Yazz Cleaners because the name was unusual and felt it would be easily remembered for its uniqueness.

Going Green

In 1999, Yazz Cleaners moved their central plant to a new facility that they purchased and built. In 2006, they expanded their operation and decided to change their cleaning methods by going “GREEN”. Yazz Cleaners bought the exclusive rights to a new process called “Green Earth” which, unlike other Dry Cleaning methods, is a completely non-toxic process without any hazardous or toxic waste produced.  This not only benefits the environment, but also our friendly staff who are not exposed to toxic agents, and last but not least, the clothes: Green Earth cleaning doesn’t leave behind strong odours and isn’t harsh on clothing. 
Yazz Cleaners is proud to be the first environmentally responsible Dry Cleaner in Niagara.


In 2007, we added a new location on the corner of Montrose Road and Thorold Stone Road, in Niagara Falls.  This was the first time that one of our locations was owned and operated by a licensed operator.  Jaki Edwards is the owner/operator of this location, and is an excellent seamstress who brings over a decade of experience in Dry Cleaning service to that location.

In late 2013 our location at the Huntington Square on Martindale Road in St. Catharines was purchased by Siobhan Daniels.  As a long time employee of Yazz Cleaners, we’re proud to welcome Siobhan as a licensed operator of our newest location, just a few blocks from the Ridley Plaza and 4th Avenue shopping area, near the Martindale Rd. exit on the QEW.  She is a skilled seamstress and tailor and she also has custom items for retail.

In February 2015 Siobhan Daniels opened a new location on 125 Lake Street in St. Catharines.  This location is similar to the Martindale Road location in that Siobhan provides alteration services in addition to novelty merchandise, and of course, Yazz Cleaners full dry cleaning services.  We’re excited to announce that this is our sixth location in Niagara, and second in St. Catharines.

Our Friendly Staff

Highway 20, Fonthill

Seaway Mall, Welland

Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls

Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls

Martindale Road, St. Catharines